October 24th Pitch Off Contestant: CountCast

Today the need for real social media is becoming more and more apparent. Everyone does not have a voice with social media as it stands. Most of it is filled with fluff, fake profiles and false information! There is no way to separate the good, bad, unpopular and the fluff of fake followers and false content. 

The idea of CountCast was created out of the need for true social accountability. Co-founders Anthony Bradley and Garrett Stewart were using a very popular social media platform, and they were looking at the same post on their phones. Garrett loved the post and hit the appropriate like button, meanwhile Anthony felt the opposite and that there was no way for his voice to be heard besides getting lost in the thousands of comments. Additionally, there was not a way for the public to really see how he felt about that post. 

That day lead them to ask a series of further questions:

Why is there not a “Dislike” button?

Why does this profile page have 4.5 million followers, with nine pictures seven likes and no comments?

Why is there no way to really track profile engagement?

How can a social media influencer really show their worth with so many fake profiles?

How can I know if this social influencer is giving good information if followers can just be bought?

How can a real influencer break through if there are so many fake profiles?

How can a business spend money smarter with advertising if all of these profiles can be fake or skewed?

How can a micro-influencer monetize their profile and see real returns on their investment and time?

The questions kept coming to them!

They did a lot of research and found that no platform truly makes this information public for everyone to see, and the profile itself has a “score”.

Today CountCast will give social media influencers a true voice and allow them to distinguish themselves amongst others.

It will give true analytical data to companies that want to advertise.

It will let users actually see what’s really the truth with social media.

It has the ability to almost eliminate fake profiles.

It will bring a true and engaging experience to all users.

Claire Williams