October 24th Pitch Off Contestant: Menta AR

Menta AR is a platform created to pioneer augmented reality for events, entertainment, and education. We started out by creating the app for Georgia Tech’s football department. The purpose was to create visuals with the players in a similar fashion to the living wine labels application used with 19 Crimes Wine. The players would scan a ticket with their smartphone and a video displayed a coach delivering a message. For legal reasons, GA Tech was not able to use the app so we had to rebrand. Thus, Menta was born.  

We then started contacting different brands & businesses and saw the opportunity to help increase engagement with their consumers. We were able to connect with a music label, so that their artists can present and promote their new music in a unique, non traditional and entertaining fashion. We released the teaser video to the Pap Channel/ Lil Baby “Talk 2 Cheap”. It triggers off a $100 dollar bill. Best part about it is that all you have to do is swipe up to stream the song on Spotify.

We have also worked with different breweries and wineries for educational purposes. One of our clients, Reformation Brewery, has a wandering IPA that rotates 4 different times per year, but for cost reasons they do not change the label of the can every time. This means that if you go buy the Nolan, and you taste a different beer than you tasted last month, it’s because it is a different beer. To know which beer you are enjoying, all you have to do is scan the label with your Menta app and the brew master will tell you the story behind it.

We believe that the traditional ways of going about advertising, branding, or marketing will start to decrease especially with the short attention span of today’s world. That’s why we created Menta AR, for a unique experience and engagement.

Claire Williams