July 18th Pitch Off Contestant: ANGAMA HEALTH INC.


Have you or someone you know ever heard these dreaded words from you doctor, “I’m sorry, but your health plan did not approve my preferred medication for your treatment”? According to a Frost & Sullivan report, 76% of doctors switched treatment decision at least once, to avoid hassle of Prior-Authorization for medications. This can lead to sub-optimal patient care! In a recent American Medical Association survey, 92% of doctors indicated Prior-Authorization as having a negative impact on patients’ clinical outcomes!

My name is Marlon Parris and I’m the founder of Angama Health Inc., a healthcare technology startup developing a smart Digital Assistant App for doctors. Our goals are to make it easier for them to submit a Physician Appeal to health plans, to get access for their patients to medications with the best treatment efficacy, and to speed up recovery time. I worked with a family member’s doctor to understand the cumbersome and manual processes involved in doing a physician appeal and better appreciated the pain points to avoid the hassle in the prior-authorization process.

The Angama Health™ Smart Digital Assistant App prototype demos received fantastic feedback from specialty doctors. Check out an example from a cardiologist @ following YouTube Video Web Link: https://youtu.be/VrY7P11TRzw