July 18th Pitch Off Contestant: STOOGE


About Me: Aly Hussaini grew up in Pakistan where getting a quality education is difficult and expensive to access. He has always wanted to learn coding, but his family struggled financially and could not afford a computer. At the age of 9, he would sneak into the school’s computer lab in order to learn coding. He then moved to the US and attended Duke University. Now, he has full-stack development experience and has worked with Salesforce for 5 years. Having a complete knowledge of the enterprise software, he was to able to launch a company called Stooge for the event industry and currently handles the product as well as the business development side of the company. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Stooge.

How it all started: Aly’s sister hosts annual dance festivals and used a ticketing software for her event; however, she was frustrated because it gave her no option to manage her vendors, sponsors, and volunteers. He built a software for her and she loved it. She shared the software with other event organizers, and that is how Aly got his first check with no promotion. Today, Stooge is a marketplace for event and festival organizers to easily access, transact and manage their vendors, sponsors, and volunteers.