July 18th Pitch Off Contestant: SNIFFER GPS


Sniffer GPS was founded to allow pet owners the ability to spend time with their pets without worrying about them. When Reid was younger he had a dog named Blue that he absolutely loved and was very attached to. However, Blue loved to find ways out of the fenced yard and roam around the neighborhood. Every time Blue would get out, Reid was very worried about her and afraid that she would get hurt or wouldn’t be able to find her way home. Luckily, she always did, but Reid always remembered the anxiety that he felt whenever she got out. So, when Reid was a student at Georgia Tech, he had an opportunity to create a company through the Create-X program. Reid wanted to create a product so that people wouldn’t have to feel the fear of losing a pet.

Reid teamed up with his friends Austin Bush and Aaron Naidu, and together they make up Sniffer GPS. Reid, Austin and Aaron are all graduates of Georgia Tech. Reid is the CEO of Sniffer GPS, and he has a degree in Business Administration. Austin is the Lead Mechanical Engineer, and he has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. And Aaron is the CTO of Sniffer GPS, and he has his master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Before Sniffer GPS built the product, Reid and his team conducted over 700 in-person customer interviews. From these interviews, he was able to find out that the main problems people faced was (1) the short battery life of the currently available dog collars as well as (2) the cumbersome charging mechanism, wherein a device had to be removed from the dog and placed on a charging base. So, Reid and his team designed a product that had an ultra-long battery life (more than 4 times the nearest competitor), didn’t have to be removed from the dog to be recharged, and would keep your dog safe at all times.