22TechPark Spotlight: Molly Proffitt, Ker-Chunk Games

Who makes up the Ker-Chunk team?

I founded Ker-Chunk with Leah Knighton and Annick Huber. I’m always really excited every time Leah comes into 22TechPark to work. Leah is the Chief Creative Officer of Ker-Chunk Games, meaning she creates all of the characters and animation for the company. Programmers are also brought in for the projects as needed.

Tell us about the games you have developed thus far.

Today Ker-Chunk has PrinceNapped, a game that is available in 11 countries. In that game you can rescue a handsome prince by moving pieces of the world around, thus empowering the target audience, women. Everyone at Ker-Chunk is very excited about it.

What are your hopes and goals for the future of Ker-Chunk?

As far as my hopes for Ker-Chunk, it is to grow and create more games, especially targeting women because there are not enough games on mobile that target women. So, we hope to do that and hire more women as well.

What is your favorite 90s jam?

There are a lot of good 90s songs. Right now it would have to be the Space Jam theme song.

If you could be a character in any game, who would you be?

Right now I would say the mother or the child in the new Monument Valley II. It is a game about a mom and her child traveling through this world, which connects to Ker-Chunk’s inspiration and ideology.

Describe your experience so far at 22 Tech Park.

I have loved working in 22TechPark. Not only is it a beautiful area and close to my house, but it has helped Ker-Chunk gain momentum and focus to get the work out there. I am grateful to have the partnership with AWS Activate as a part of 22TechPark which enables us to use their credits to afford the back-end of the operation. Hosting costs for games are incredibly expensive and the support has helped Ker-Chunk “get off the ground”.

Tori Levine