22TechPark Spotlight: Table Tap

Table Tap specializes in different “Pour Your Own Beer” system solutions, such as theTableTender®and WallTender™, that work through iPads and iOS systems, cutting down costs and increasing revenue for various restaurants and businesses. Founded in 2007, Table Tap is the first company to market and sell self-service draft systems. Founder of Table Tap, Jeff Libby, states that he “got the idea while working in Argentina, immediately recognizing the value of offering patrons the freedom to pour their own beer”.

Not only does the Table Tap enable customers pour their own beer, but it also gives management the ability to disable the flow of beer according to how many ounces are poured per person seated at the table. With Table Tap’s exclusive software, establishments can track consumption and run reports which they can analyze to increase revenue in the future.

Along with businesses tracking beer consumption, with Table Tap’s new App, customers can also track the amount they drink, as well as rate the different beers featured on the TableTender® or WallTender™. For the customer, Table Tap gives ice cold beer with no wait time at all!

Although Table Tap started right here in Atlanta at Stats Sports Bar, Table Tap products and software are now featured in New York, Chicago and even all the way in Southeast Asia. Founder Jeff Libby hopes to expand across the globe in the near future and “to continue to grow a strong team, raise capital, and take Table Tap to the next level”.

Tori Levine