August 22nd Pitch Off Contestant: SPLITT

After personally dealing with Mental Health and Addiction, EA International Consulting’s Founder and Managing Director, Ethan Alsup, wanted to find a way to help those dealing with the same daily struggles. With the support of great friends, family, and an amazing Sales & Development Team, the Splitt Decision consumer application was born. Splitt gives consumers a social media platform designed specifically for polling/surveying friends, families, and connections to get advice when it’s needed the most. By adding a, patent pending, timeline and reward system, Splitt Decision’s “Give Advice to Get Advice Model” encourages users to give feedback even if they don’t know the person asking the question and with the anonymity feature, users no longer have to be embarrassed to ask for personal advice!


In addition to the Splitt Decision consumer application, the Splitt Team created SplittPro, a Mobile Engagement Solution that allows businesses to directly poll and survey their target audience utilizing the same Social Media platform along with the timeline and reward system of Splitt Decision. The mobile application assists businesses with acquiring new customers, engaging current customers, and retaining those that are at risk all while gathering rich, consumer-specific data to make it possible for them to grow and scale at a low cost.
Consumer Loyalty and Engagement Statistics Show:
-75% of U.S. consumers indicated they want to be rewarded for things like watching a brand video or taking a survey
-27% of millennials would stay in a loyalty program because it has a competitive game or social aspect
-Most loyalty programs suffer from low engagement. In 2015, U.S. consumers participated in 50 percent of the loyalty programs they belonged to—a steep decline from the previous year’s 71.6 percent active participation rate.
-Highly-engaged customers buy 90 percent more often and spend 60 percent more per transaction.

SplittPro is the first Mobile Engagement & Loyalty Solution of its kind that leverages the power of a social media platform allowing for direct consumer interaction and real-time feedback. SplittPro can be set up in less than 15-minutes, takes no employee or staff training, and is all controlled in the palm of your hands making it the perfect enterprise solution on the go!


But what about those businesses that currently have a mobile application with a large user base? That’s not a problem! The Splitt Development Team just released their new Software Development Kit, SDKitt, that allows any business with a current application to easily plug-in the SplittPro functionality. Other use cases for the SDKItt include:

Live Event Engagement Tool (Sporting Events/ Trade Shows/ Concerts/ Grand Openings)
Employee Surveying (Internal HR Tool)
Customer Satisfaction Surveying
Universities and Conventions (Teacher’s Classroom Teaching Tool)
Emergency Services

Make sure to download Splitt Decision from the Apple or Google Play Store and check us out at for more information or to request a demo!