August 22nd Pitch Off Contestant: SYFER

Today, technology is connecting us in ways that we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. Yet, with all of these advances and conveniences, we find our families, businesses, and own personal data increasingly vulnerable. From sharing photos on social media, tracking our diets and fitness on our phones, and monitoring our home using smart cameras, we are all generating trails of data that lead directly back to us. Do we really want that information collected, sold, and shared?

The idea for Syfer was born out of the recent overturn of many internet privacy laws empowering internet providers to freely violate their subscribers privacy, culminating in the infamous repeal of Net Neutrality. Two of the founders of Syfer immigrated from Iran about a decade ago, pursuing a better future in the land of liberty and freedom. We did not like the change we were seeing in the law, and the impact that it would have on our families. We decided that we wanted to create a product that could shield our families’ privacy from these prying eyes. We refused to let our personal (and private) information become a commodity in the marketplace.

That is why we created Syfer – The very simple concept that as we adopt and trust new technologies with intimate data about ourselves, we must also adapt the ways in which we secure that personal data. Syfer was built by the geeks but made for everyone. You shouldn’t have to have a graduate degree in computer science to be able to protect yourself online. Many of us have parents who are not very technologically savvy – that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be afforded the same degree of protection that some of us have in our own homes and offices. The Syfer cybersecurity suite is able to marry together a variety of otherwise complicated and expensive products into one easy, affordable, and comprehensive solution.

Syfer aims to provide you with three things to ensure your protection:
– Privacy: Syfer offers encryption to keep your data private from internet providers and other companies who collect and sell your private information. We do not log or track your activity. Also, with our ad-blocker, you can disrupt the data collection and targeted advertising of marketers and ad agencies.
– Security: Enterprise-grade threat intelligence collected, updated, and enforced in real-time. Our system is powered by AI and Machine Learning to dynamically detect potential threats to your home network. Syfer steps in to protect your family from malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cyber threats.
– Family: Concerned by what your children see online? Now you can restrict inappropriate content using categories and the real-time website analysis provided by our AI engine. Our robust set of tools is circumvention proof and aides in the enforcement of Google Safe Search. Syfer also steps in to provide protection to every device in your Smart Home. Stop hackers and botnets by securing your smart home systems, baby monitors, home cameras, security systems, smart TVs, and more. If it’s connected, it’s #SaferWithSyfer