January 23rd Pitch Off Contestant: HitStreamr

In Walks the New Streaming Platform:

HitStreamr is THE mobile music & video streaming app for musicians and music lovers. For the first time in history, a streaming solution has been created that doesn't attack the pockets of the artist or their fans.

The Problem

The current problem is that the largest music and video streaming platforms are extorting musicians and making you pay for it! These platforms are making billions of dollars while paying recording artists as little as $0.00069/stream.

For the use of their premium services, these platforms charge their millions of subscribers a fixed monthly rate of $9.99 (to as high as $29.99) regardless of how much they may or may not use the service.

The Solutions

Our solution is clear. With HitStreamr, we believe in empowering musicians and their fans by giving them back the control. We provide free tools and services for musicians, so they can be more successful.  We allow them to upload their content and add their contributors (helping them avoid legal issues), educate them with monthly blogs and messages, and help them earn more money per stream than the current music and video streaming platforms.

For their fans, we created a non-subscription based platform with an increased amount of custom-ability and control-ability to tailor fit each individual's needs. Oh, and those 'premium features' other platforms make you pay for... you get those for free!

HitStreamr is currently being developed with both the musician and consumers’ best interest at heart, so we are focusing most of our efforts on research and development to provide the best user experience. Please see our key features below and register to use HitStreamr BETA to stay informed!

Claire Williams