May 1st Pitch Off Contestant : Yeeld

Yeeld is your local online market integrated with a social network of backyard gardeners, local farmers, artisanal food businesses and consumers who love to buy fresh food grown locally! With the Yeeld app, users can directly buy produce and goods grown or made locally. Users can also use the app to sell produce, plants, and homemade goods, etc. at any price. We seek to provide an avenue for users to further embrace both community supported agriculture and the farm-to-fork movement. 

The idea for this application was conceived when a lack of trust and accessibility were realized among consumers and farmers. The ever-looming questions of “where the produce is coming from” and “what exactly is going into my body” have created mistrust for consumers. Furthermore, commercial vendors expect farmers to produce in large quantities. This expectation of quantity-based revenue induces pressure upon local farmers to mass produce, as they obtain only a small portion of the revenue. Yeeld solves the issue of trust and accessibility by allowing consumers to directly connect with farmers and gardeners. Complete transparency is created between buyer and seller. Sellers have complete freedom and flexibility to set prices and terms of sale.

Users can switch between seller and buyer mode. Selling an item on the iOS is fast and effortless. Users follow a four-step process, which consists of adding images, categorization, setting the price and setting quantity of items they wish to sell.

In order to purchase items, buyers are prompted to chat with the sellers through our in-app messaging feature to determine price and availability. Invoices are then created by the sellers within the chat window. Buyers can use the integrated payment portal to finalize their purchases.

After successful transactions, buyers are directed to rate their interaction with the sellers. The entire process is simple and easy.

Claire Williams